Music Videos

Move from Dreamgirls

Bryonha Marie Parham and Julius Thomas III

NYC- Annie The Musical

Bryonha Marie Parham and Julius Thomas III

Don't Let Me Go - Shrek The Musical

Julius Thomas III

Chasing Shadows 

By Giovanni Piacentini

Violin: Tim Fain

Tambourine Paraphrase by Keiko Abe

Concerto for Viola by Puerto Rican Composer Roberto Sierra

Orquesta de Camara de Nueva York

Kennedy Center

Keyla Orozco

Artes de Cuba

Orquesta de Mujeres de Mexico



Women's Orchestra of Mexico

Marimba Mexicana

Mariachi Real de Mexico

MET Museum

Buttonwood- Evan Chapman

Motus Duet

West Side Story

Piano Reduction

Abdiel Vazquez


PAE Event Group


Excelsis Percussion

Hyperballad by Bjork


NBC Upfronts 2016

Radio City Musical

Stephen Colbert Show
Patrios Brass Band




Jennifer Sanchez

Broadway Box

You Will be Found

Dear Evan Hansen

Ft. Deonte L. Warren

Live Recording

@54 Below

In Other Words- Joseph Pereira

Motus Duet

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